Fujian Nanan upgrading and transformation project of waste incineration power generation


The upgrading and reconstruction project of Quanzhou Shengyuan Nan'an Waste Incineration Power Plant includes two 750t/d mechanical grate incinerator waste incineration production lines, supporting 1 × 35MW medium temperature sub high pressure condensing steam turbine generator set and 200 t/d food waste recycling treatment plant (100 t/d in Phase I). The service scope includes Nan'an City, Quanzhou downtown, etc.

The plant landscape is based on the history and development of Quanzhou, integrating the resources of world heritage culture, religious culture, environmental protection science popularization, etc., and scientifically arranging Meiling Lake landscape, complex building landscape area, 22 Quanzhou World Heritage sites on the plant wall, corridor landscape belt and other landscape areas; It also integrates stone carving, painting, multimedia and other forms to increase the overall viewing ability, and forms an industrial tourism system with different views, diverse experiences, and close integration of science popularization and tourism, so as to create a new landmark for environmental protection education.

After the project is fully put into operation, it can add 510000 tons of harmless domestic waste, 35000 tons of food waste and 280 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The project complements the shortcomings of the food and kitchen treatment facilities in Nan'an City, will effectively improve the urban sanitation infrastructure capacity, further improve the urban waste management level, and has good environmental and social benefits.