About Us


Shengyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on August 24,2020 (stock code: 300867.SZ). The company focuses on the development of environmental protection and new energy, and the industry involves energy conservation and environmental protection (waste incineration for power generation, solid and liquid waste treatment, environmental governance, etc.) and green new energy development (photovoltaic, hydrogen energy, etc.).

The company continues to carry out the green and low-carbon development strategy, firmly grasp the overall strategic layout of "dual business driven, dual platform ecology", and strive to build an interactive growth of "waste incineration power generation, green and green new energy" dual platform, play to the maximum effect of two-wheel drive, is committed to becoming a leading green new energy enterprise in China.
Holy yuan environmental protection investment, construction, operation, is the environmental protection excellent brand enterprise, China waste incineration power generation PPP project ten investors, won the "national environmental protection practical technology demonstration project"  "China construction engineering luban award"  "2022 China top 500 brands of listed companies"  "2022 China top 500 energy enterprises"  "2023 China top 500 charity"  "2023 Fujian top 100 enterprises strategic emerging industries", etc.
At present, the yuan environmental protection co., LTD. Across the country operating waste incineration power plant 13, distributed photovoltaic electric field 6, sewage treatment plant 5, eat hutch, kitchen waste recycling (industrial oil extraction, biogas power generation, hydrogen production, etc.) project 2, landfill leachate treatment plant 1, solid state hydrogen storage system activation and application project 1, hydrogen energy research institute 1.
As an excellent enterprise of environmental protection and energy in China, Shengyuan Environmental Protection adheres to the corporate concept of "integrity, innovation for yuan", undertakes corporate social responsibility, and does its best to contribute to the realization of the national goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutral".