About Us


Shengyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive management enterprise specializing in garbage incineration power generation, swage treatment,, etc. Shenzhen SASASAC Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group has made an investment to support the expansion of business operations. It is the key customer of the State Development Bank.

At present, Shengyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has 19 wholly-owned subsidiaries. There are 11 garbage incineration power plants in operation, construction and preparation, 5 sewage treatment plants, 1 landfill leachate treatment station, and the system of collection, transportation andterminal treatment of domestic garbage. They are distributed in Fujian, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong, Gansu and other places, with a service area of over 45,000 square kilometers and a service population of nearly 22 million.

As an excellent enterprise in China's environmental protection industry, Shengyuan Environmental Protection upholds the enterprise concept of "honesty first, innovation-oriented", takes the corporate social responsibility and makes effort to contribute to national energy conservation and emission reduction, resource recycling and improvement of human settlements environment.