Baozhou sewage treatment plant of Fujian Quanzhou


The plant is located in Quanzhou City, which is a key project of the province and city. It covers an area of 138 Mu, with a service area of 126 square kilometers and a service population of 579,000. The plant uses Anoxic Oxic process to treat 150,000 tons of sewage per day.

In 2018, the plant completed upgrading and reconstruction and added advanced treatment technology to meet Class IV Surface Water Standard. The plant was awarded "Advanced Standard-Achieving Unit" in the national competition for performance assessment of energy conservation and emission reduction in urban sewage treatment plants. The plant has won the first place in Fujian's industry evaluation for many times. In 2018, it was successfully selected as the first batch of environmental protection facilities and municipal wastewater treatment facilities open to the public in Quanzhou.