Beifeng sewage treatment plant of Fujian Quanzhou


      The plant is located in the western suburb of Quanzhou City, which is a model sewage treatment plant in Fujian Province. It covers an area of 100.8 Mu, with a service area of 30 square kilometers and a service population of 168,000. The plant uses CAST biological treatment process to treat 90,000 tons of sewage per day.

      In 2018, the plant completed upgrading and reconstruction and added advanced treatment technology to meet Class IV Surface Water Standard. The plant takes the lead in enabling covered deodorization technology. Each treatment pond in the plant is covered with air exhaust, and the biological filter was used to treat odor, so as to build a odorless factory. The operation of the plant has contributed a lot for Quanzhou becoming a livable city. The plant has got ahead in Fujian's industry evaluation for many times.