Fujian Putian municipal solid waste incineration power plant


This plant is one of the few large-scale waste incineration power generation projects in China, which can incinerate 2,850 tons of domestic waste per day. The plant serves over 4.0 million people. Apart from the city center, the plant also deals with domestic waste from Yongtai County of Fuzhou and Quanzhou Quangang District. It provides a strong guarantee for improving the human settlements in Putian and its surrounding areas.

In 2016, the plant was recognized as a first-class enterprise by Fujian Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In 2018, the plant won the second place in Fujian Province industry evaluation. In the same year, the plant  was awarded "2018 national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project".In 2019, the plant  was awarded "2019 Fujian Province environmental protection practical technology demonstration project".In 2020, it was successfully selected as the fourth batch of national environmental protection facilities and municipal wastewater treatment facilities open to the public.